No Munnabhai Part 3


Kode: You have to have faith in yourself, Sanjay. There was an actor who acted in McKenna’s Gold but I don’t remember his name…

Dutt: Sir, Gregory Peck.

Kode: Yes, Peck. He was acting till the age of 100 and you have to do the same. I have only taken away six years from you. You will only get better with time. Your father was acting till the very end in Munnabhai and let me tell you he looked better than you.

WTF??  Anyway, people I’ve talked to or have read comments from on the web, have mixed feelings about Sanjay Dutt’s sentencing. Yes, he did deserve to be punished but 6 years? — seems to be how everyone feels. Like you, I too am a huge fan of the Munnabhai films and hope that Mr. Dutt will keep acting – somehow, sometime later perhaps. And Chris Rock ain’t the real thing.

Here are links to an old (mid 90’s) BBC series called Sanjay Dutt: To Hell and Back Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

He’ll be back.


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