Harry Potter book launch Manhattan – snaps and a video clip


Special correspondent Sowmya Nanjundaiah

LIVE FROM NEW YORK CITY… well kinda, here are some pictures from the insane buildup to the midnight book launch. The Ministry of Magic is on high alert! Muggles, wizards, death eaters and the-one-who-will-not-be-named all ponder their fates in the latest and last edition of J.K. Rowling’s hold on the teenage world (and a few non-teenagers like myself) Although the book had already been analyzed and secrets let loose from the Towers of Azkaban, the anticiaption sizzles in the humid NY afternoon as crowds wait patiently for a picture with Hermoine as Ron Weasel ambles around. the Muggles bulletin board is choc-o-bloc with mesages for an older and reluctant wizard-hero as he makes the final attempt to free the world from the evil grip of Voldermot. The Daily Prophet has reporters on standby as the huge clock times down to 12:01pm July 22! Fire-eaters on Daigon Alley try to keep the crowds on their toes as a bemused Sardarji watches from his very enviable vantage point.




4 Responses to Harry Potter book launch Manhattan – snaps and a video clip

  1. Zack says:

    This book is the best one out of all of them in opinion. It’s just simply awesome.

  2. peggyalcazar says:

    this book was thrilling and action- filled and a great finale but it lacked the ease with which rowling used to describe her characters.. i felt like they were kinda forced.
    the snape story was the best, i loved it.
    and the dumbledore bit was unneccessary… how come he got to talk to harry? he’s dead.
    and the epilogue was corny.
    but overall.. it was a good end.

    now i am just waiting for hogwarts in florida and will go even as a 20 year old, because i have wanted to go to hogwarts since i was 10. 🙂

  3. I find that very intresting.

  4. Harry khota ullo ghada bawkkuf khabees kameena beghairat behaya hay i m not getting other abuses

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