The brave woman who protested dowry in her chaddi’s

You’ve probably seen this photo of Pooja Chauhan and the news video by now:


If you haven’t, from the Times of India:

RAJKOT: Conservative Rajkot went into convulsions on Wednesday when alleged mental and physical abuse by her husband’s family drove a 22-year-old woman to strip to her underwear and walk through the city in protest.

Pooja Chauhan said she had taken to this unique protest after being constantly harassed for not bringing dowry and bearing a girl-child.

The effect was immediate. The police arrested her husband Pratapsinh Chauhan, parents-in-law and neighbours Veji Bharwad and Vinu Dalit on Wednesday, after she threatened to scale up her protest and march nude to the police commissioner’s office if she did not get justice.

“The arrests were made on the basis of Pooja Chauhan’s complaint. We are also planning to take action against Pooja for indecent behaviour in a public place. However, we will examine her mental condition before taking any action,” said Rajkot police commissioner K Nityanandam.

Read the BBC article here.

Click photo below to see the IBN Pooja Chauhan Rajkot protest march video:




38 Responses to The brave woman who protested dowry in her chaddi’s

  1. goodfood says:

    Dare I say that it seems to me that either this was staged by one of the TV channels, or they wear unusually good quality underwear in Rajkot these days.

  2. sandeep says:

    really? na dude india is far hipper than the days of youth when we tried to get into womens panties.

  3. soulplane says:

    Let’s not trivialize this issue.It takes spunk to strip to one’s underwear as a show of protest against any social evil…especially in a largely conservative society.Hats off to Pooja for attempting this unique form of protest.
    I think her husband should have been paraded in the nude 🙂

  4. sandeep says:

    yes, soulplane, point noted.

  5. Avdhesh Chauhan says:

    Im wid U…………………….
    Wl this is world of ONLY ANIMALS…………..
    So I think they wl understand by DANDA ONLY……..
    Wl Im a Student in Engneering stream.
    I want a chat wid U if U dont mind.

    REPLY ME…………..

  6. gladiatorjatt says:

    Though physical and mental abuse of women due to demand of dowry is very common in india but the fact is that some women are also at fault.It is not always husband is guilty but in india the law being pro-women poor husbands never gets justice and no one is ready to hear them atleast. The way this girl is protesting show that all is not well with her and before arresting her in laws did the police investigate who is at fault.

  7. shazneen says:

    hey guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. sonny says:

    hats Off !!!…… to the unfortunate lady.if allegations r true,
    She’s got nothing to lose , her in-laws ‘ll face the brunt.

  9. ninad says:

    this is not fair if women of india doing this kind of activity, this shows the immaurtiy

  10. prashant says:

    plz remove this photo bcz that harm the progress of the city that not good for others
    as well as for humanisam.

  11. Hardik Gajjar says:

    Sav khotadini che

  12. rajkotian says:

    this is wrong method

    this woman are not from good society

    this woman already known her bad work

  13. mayur ................ says:

    i dont know if she is right or wrong but this pictures spoils the reputation of the city……..
    please remove these pictures
    it dosent go with the city………….

  14. mayur9998889194 says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii frnds please
    go against such pictures which spoil the name of our city……….
    stand united……………..
    fight the evillllllll

    every morning has a great meaning…
    every morning the sun says ……….
    wake up like me fast and regular….,,
    sky says aim my height……………,,
    wind says refresh like me………,,
    and I say get going move ahed…,
    all the best……………frnds

  15. hiten says:

    plz remove this photo. coz this is same of our city. plz.

  16. amit soni says:

    hey plz remove this photo our rajkot is progressing. this photo push back us

  17. chauhan says:

    ham apke bhai hai aur apke sath hai

  18. chauhan says:

    ham apke bhai hai aur apke sath hai.
    vo admi hinjrahai.
    chauhanoke nam par kalank

  19. Baap says:

    chaddi badeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  20. john says:

    this is nice pice

  21. sem says:

    hi how are you.

  22. Frank says:

    Women should be free all over the world. If she wants to walk around in her underwear so be it. This is the 21st century so get over it. India is obviously a backward country. I’ve been there and will never go back. Do to the fact that women are not free like men. And it is a very dirty country. Way to crowded.

  23. rajput says:

    that’s the way to do it, real brave move

  24. Permeet says:

    This is an shamefull situation!

  25. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  26. megan fox says:

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  27. Joyati says:

    all those people who are saying to remove the picture due to the city’s reputation are wrong.
    it already has bad reputation due to the dowry abuses and deaths.
    removing this picture doesn’t make a difference.

  28. mahesh says:

    jyoti sav chodu madan che ane a pooja chauhan bhenchod akhi nagi thai ne fare to maja avi jay ho

  29. mahesh says:

    rajkot ni girls ne chodvani bahu maja ave pikini hoy che badhi rajkot girls
    direct modha ma lai le

  30. mahesh says:

    rajkot vala ni ma no piko
    fuck u rajkot people

  31. mahesh says:

    RAJKOT ni badhi girls prostitute che
    all RAJKOT girls are prostitute

  32. mahesh says:

    WHEN i see rajkot girls i just wanna fuck her pussy

  33. Nitinbhai patel says:

    mahesh aa tari maa ne avi najer thi no jovay

  34. Rahul says:

    mahesh pikina tare ben nathi su ?

  35. Chirag says:

    Kem cho chodava mate tayar thai jav maro land 5.2 feat no leva

  36. Badboy says:

    Those panty is very big.she may wear thong panty.

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