First Watch


For those of you who missed the footage of George Bush getting his watch nicked while shaking hands in Albania:

The Sun (a premier source of news, if I may say so) reports:

A White House spokesperson said: “The President took his watch off.”

And reoprts:

White House today flatly denied Mr Bush and his minders were outwitted by a common thief and said the watch was not stolen.

“No, it was not. It was placed in his pocket,” White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

“The President put it in his pocket and it returned safely home.”

e-bay seller miklove71 claims to have the first watch:

I bought this watch from an Albanian friend, he claims to have “borrowed” it from George Bush.

I can’t prove it’s an Authentic Dubya timepiece, (It has a Mickey Mouse face, as opposed to the Presidential Seal) but it’s certainly a nice watch.

Obviously the watch is second hand, however it’s in mint condition.

I’ll add an image later when the watch arrives from Albania (apparently it’s going via Kazakhstan)

You’ll have to get in quick to snap up this purchase, i’ve already had lots of interest from embarrassed Secret Service bodyguards who want it back, apparently their boss is lost without it.

As of now its still going for cheap — place a bid!

And read the comments at the bottom of the e-bay page. Thanks to Cuthbert Calculus Jr. for the tick tip.


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